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Making Money Online | A Comprehensive Guide    Last Update: 02/09/2017

Making Money Online
A Comprehensive Guide

Last Update: 02/09/2017

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Building a Website | Free Third Party Blogging Platforms

Often times, people turn to third party blogging sites to express their thoughts and create beautiful web content for free through the use of WYSIWYG editors (What You See Is What You Get.) WYSIWYG editors allow new comers and the not too web savvy to easily build a series of web pages with various user friendly tools. These platforms have grown in popularity in recent years and were actually one of the first types of websites created that involve user registration.

On websites like Google's and WordPress' anyone can create a free account and construct simple sites that allow for external scripts, ie: AdSense, to be placed throughout the writing process. This route is great for first time web developers and also for those without the resources to host their own property online. Below are some of the most popular and affordable blogging platforms that allow developers to integrate Google Adsense into their publications.

Once you have chosen the methods by which you will be building your website, as well as selecting the domain name and hosting plan, you will be ready to begin creating content for your new website. The next section discusses different genres of websites and topics for writing tutorials, articles and more.

  1 - Hand-code vs. CMS
  2 - Third Party Blogging
  3 - Genres, Topics and Methods
  4 - Content Do's and Don'ts
  5 - Rich Text and Development
  6 - Responsive Conversion Methods
  7 - Responsive Conversion Example
  8 - Adsense Best Practices
  9 - Adsense Dimensions
  10 - Web Development Languages

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