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Making Money Online | A Comprehensive Guide    Last Update: 02/09/2017

Making Money Online
A Comprehensive Guide

Last Update: 02/09/2017

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Building A Website | Hand Written Code vs. Content Management Systems

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In order for anyone to earn a residual income, in our case, continuous income that is generated from online content supplemented by Google Adsense, you need to maintain an online presence. We will discuss the routes in which many successful bloggers, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs take regarding their online real estate. Simply put, you will need a website. If you are looking to get started right away and free of cost, skip ahead to the third party blogging section.

Be warned, though, that these methods do limit you in many ways that make your online presence unique and may limit your capabilities to express yourself when it comes to layout, design, domain name and more. Although, It is also important to note that this free avenue of creating web content does have many advantages that suite a lot of people just fine. It is recommended to weigh all of your options first before you decide on a starting point for your Adsense venture.

The basic premise of Google Adsense is creating rich website content that serves a useful purpose to others and by strategically placing Ads by Google throughout the website for monetary gain.

There are a plethora of methods pertaining to building websites when you take into consideration the different styles of layout, design and architecture and it is very important to have a grasp on what all websites have in common.

  1. Every website has a name.
  2. Every website is hosted somewhere.
  3. Every website solves a problem. (Serves a purpose)
  4. Every website aims to stand out by being unique.
  5. Every website originated by a human (or a team) manually programming its foundation.

All websites originate from some type of hand-coding and manual input of web development languages. Knowing how to perform just the basics of HTML, CSS, & Javascript opens up a world of freedom and endless possibilities when creating a signature website. There are many tools available for manually hand-coding websites. Manually hand-coding websites is a method that only limits you to your imagination. But it is not for everyone, especially if you don't have a lot of extra time on your hands.

Another very popular and efficient option for developing and maintaining a website is sought through the use of Content Management Systems (CMS.) Content Management Systems provide user friendly interfaces with oodles of customizations, including themes, plug-ins and widgets that allow anybody with a little patience and creativity to create impressive websites. Often times, many web developers find it more efficient to take advantage of the free and payed add-ons that are available for Content Management Systems because of their complexity, effectiveness and intuitiveness.

Regardless if you decide to invest in learning the languages of web development or decide to go with a Content Management System like WordPress, you have chosen a smart and very powerful way of assisting people by creating a website that displays helpful information and performs a service. This is why people revisit websites more than once.

Once you have decided on how you will be building your website you will need to pick a unique domain name that is as short as possible, straight to the point, describing in a catchy way what your website is about. Many successful website names are abbreviations or made up words, while others are one to three words. You will also need to host it somewhere. Many hosting providers offer domain name registration services that help developers effectively manage their real estate.

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  1 - Hand-code vs. CMS
  2 - Third Party Blogging
  3 - Genres, Topics and Methods
  4 - Content Do's and Don'ts
  5 - Rich Text and Development
  6 - Responsive Conversion Methods
  7 - Responsive Conversion Example
  8 - Adsense Best Practices
  9 - Adsense Dimensions
  10 - Web Development Languages

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