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Making Money Online | A Comprehensive Guide    Last Update: 02/09/2017

Making Money Online
A Comprehensive Guide

Last Update: 02/09/2017

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Google Adsense | Best Practices

As stated many times before, rich text content is a must. But what else is essential to a website's dynamic to enhance Google Adsense earnings? Well, there's a few things actually.

  1. Have a different and descriptive page title for each page.
  2. Put header tags to good use. Keep in mind that a common practice developers use is to resize header tags using CSS. Always Start with H1 being the most generic, important and first tag you use on a page and work your way down until you get to H6.
  3. Use the title attribute wherever possible.
  4. Use the alt attribute wherever possible.
  5. Keep your text content filled with popular keywords that are relevant to the subject matter.
  6. Use a site map on Google Analytics.
  7. Format each page with the essential meta tags.
  8. Format each page with Open Graph Protocol.
  9. Promote your website on Social Media.
  10. Update your website regularly.

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  8 - Adsense Best Practices
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