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Making Money Online | A Comprehensive Guide    Last Update: 02/09/2017

Making Money Online
A Comprehensive Guide

Last Update: 02/09/2017

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Website Content | Do's and Don'ts

So, we've got our desired method of building, maybe a unique domain name, and a great topic that we are confident in. Now, we need to create the bread and butter of our website, its content. Regardless what your website is going to be about, you should always start by brainstorming, organizing your thoughts and laying out the verbal architecture, how your website's text will be formatted and then perceived by the end user.

It is discouraged to just write as you go, on the fly. Instead, even if you jot down just a few outlined key points on a piece of paper your website content will be more organized, easier to follow and comprehend, and be interpreted as helpful information that was compiled with forethought and effort.

If jotting ideas down on paper isn't your cup of tea, using a smart phone note app is also a great idea. Organizing your thoughts on your phone allows you to easily edit your website's core structure, sometimes faster and more efficiently than the use of pen and paper. Even if you are not tech-savvy, once you have the basic outline of your website all planned out you will be confident in your ability to create a website that helps its users by solving a problem. Whether you realize it or not, your confidence will show once your website is up and running.

Aesthetics, Spelling and Grammar

The key to a great website look is, obviously, how it is presented. The main focus of any website that aims to gain with Google Adsense is on its text content. It is of the utmost importance to portray yourself as an intelligent and reliable source. This means that there is no excuse for spelling errors.

When it comes to grammar, you will have more flexibility. Think about your audience. Your intent should be to engage your website's users in a way in which they can understand what you have written while enjoying and benefiting from it also. If users find your text content easy to read they are more likely to visit your website more than once.

Also, take into account how your text content is formatted. Try not to use more than two or three different fonts throughout your website. Keep in mind that you will be placing ads on every page. You want your website content to flow naturally. Ad placement is often a daunting task to first time developers. A helpful tip: Create your entire website first, then implement Ads by Google. The next section talks about useful web development methods that are search engine friendly and help keep ads relevant to page content.

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  2 - Third Party Blogging
  3 - Genres, Topics and Methods
  4 - Content Do's and Don'ts
  5 - Rich Text and Development
  6 - Responsive Conversion Methods
  7 - Responsive Conversion Example
  8 - Adsense Best Practices
  9 - Adsense Dimensions
  10 - Web Development Languages

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